Festival Preview: Shaky Knees // 2019

Article by Andrés Alvarado


Have you heard the great news, Atlanta?

The annual Shaky Knees roster has been released. It’s one for the ages, too. Set to take place during the May 3-5 weekend in beautiful Central Park, the good folks behind organizing the annual shindig have gone to great lengths to provide us with a “wow” lineup. Per usual, Shaky Knees has unleashed a versatile array of artists from all corners of the music industry spectrum. Leading this maniacally superb charge are 4, yes 4, headliners: the eclectic Beck, the psychedelic talented bunch from Down Under: Tame Impala, Cali extraordinaire alt-rockers: Incubus, and Kentucky garage rock darlings: Cage the Elephant. Jaw-dropping, right?

Brandon Boyd of Incubus

While the headliners kick ass, without a doubt, three days is a lot of time to fill. Luckily, Shaky Knees’ undercard is pure gold, as well. Among the eye-popping virtuosos are: classic rock outfit: The Struts, New York cool-cats: Interpol, suave soul maestro: Gark Clark Jr, pop poet: Maggie Rogers, and local heroes: The Black Lips, among many, many more.

The Struts

So, Atlantans, the stage is set. Now it is on you to get clicking and buy your tickets. Gather up your friends and family, request that time off from work, and get stoked. The atmosphere promises to be wicked cool, full of beers, fun-loving aficionados, and, of course, a killer display of otherworldly talent. Get going, get tickets here. Hopefully, we will see you there. Cheers!



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