G-Eazy – Live @ Cellairis Amphitheatre

All said and done, G-Eazy is a pop-rap virtuoso. The man commands the undivided attention of his mob and runs one heck of a spectacle. If sublime lighting, bitchin’ graphics, and killer tunes sounds like your idea of a good time, then G-Eazy’s Endless Summer Tour is just what the doctor ordered. G-Eazy is not only a star, but his beautiful thumping gala of fun is worth every damned penny.

Residente – Live @ The Buckhead Theatre

Residente is a man of his people. A bonafide show-runner and quite the character. Whether the man has you gently waving your arms side-to-side to “Vuleta Al Mundo,” head-bobbing to his new material, or boogieing to classic “Atrevete-te-te,” Residente is a real deal virtuoso. An artist that works his crowd with several aces up his sleeve — and we are just happy to be there when he uses them.