Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls – Live @ The Tabernacle

A Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls affair is not for fragile ears, nor for space sensitive patrons. It’s a noisy, mosh-pit inducing, jump up-n-down but be nice to your neighbor sweaty shindig. There are only three rules when attending a Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls ceremony, 1.- Don’t be an asshole, 2.- Make sure your version of fun isn’t stopping other fans from having fun, and 3.- Have a fucking blast.

Bishop Briggs – Live @ Center Stage

Musically, Briggs’ sound is a fusion of power-pop, hip-hop, soulful rock, and a slight hint of goth mixed in there somewhere. Her vocal prowess is that of legends, her bone-chilling high notes can tear the roof off of any venue. Finally, her showmanship is heartfelt and honest, her non-stop violent gallivanting perfectly epitomizes her thumpers. Bishop Briggs is the total package.