Five Finger Death Punch – Live @ Verizon Amphitheatre

Showmen like no others, the gang of Five Finger Death Punch rolled into Atlanta to kick ass and take names — musically that is. Performing to a packed Verizon Amphitheatre, Ivan Moody and his mates came, saw, and conquered the thousands on hand. A spectacle of humongous proportions, the night was lit up with raging tunes, a gigantic laser-beaming skull, dynamic strobes, and, of course, fucking fire.

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls – Live @ The Tabernacle

A Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls affair is not for fragile ears, nor for space sensitive patrons. It’s a noisy, mosh-pit inducing, jump up-n-down but be nice to your neighbor sweaty shindig. There are only three rules when attending a Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls ceremony, 1.- Don’t be an asshole, 2.- Make sure your version of fun isn’t stopping other fans from having fun, and 3.- Have a fucking blast.