BUSH – Live @ The Tabernacle.

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


BUSH’s Black and White Rainbows Tour has come to an end! For roughly the past year, Gavin Rossdale & Co. traveled from city to city satisfying fans yearning for that classic 90’s rock vibe the London quartet is known for. Making a pit-stop at Atlanta’s gnarliest venue, The Tabernacle, the boys from across the pond proved once again that their sound still incites the masses and their stage-presence packs plenty of bite.

BUSH (1 of 1)-6
Chris Traynor of BUSH

In gritty rock-n-roll fashion, the night’s presentation is kicked off by hit-single “Everything Zen;” to the delight of a euphoric crowd that was everything but. Under a shower of beaming strobes, Rossdale and guitarist Chris Traynor waste no time in letting their rock-star mannerisms steal the spotlight, while drummer Robin Goodridge and bassist Corey Britz handsomely compliment the foreground twosome. The fan base soaking in the tunes is relentless in cheering and showing their appreciation for the gang, and in turn, BUSH jams beast-mode style to deliver raging anthem after raging anthem. While the pageantry runs approximately 90-minutes deep, the emotions handed down to onlookers will surely have a much lasting impression. Whether it’s a heartfelt rendition of classic “Glycerine” or Rossdale jumping onto a horde of aficionados, BUSH’s spectacle is a steady display of rock-n-roll in its purest form. They’re simply a must-see act.

BUSH (1 of 1)-3
Chris Traynor & Gavin Rossdale of BUSH

As previously mentioned, BUSH’s Black and White Tour came and went, but fret not! In an exciting announcement, BUSH will join rock juggernauts The Cult and Stone Temple Pilots in the upcoming Revolution 3 Tour. So, ladies and gentlemen, if this opinion means anything to you, get ready and get set to catch BUSH at a venue near you. With over two decades of badassery under their belt, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice missing out. For upcoming tour dates and venues, click here.

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