Skeletonwitch – Live @ The Masquerade

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado

Straight from the underbelly of the Athens, Ohio metal-scene, Skeletonwitch arrived at The Masquerade in Atlanta to musically crack skulls and rupture some eardrums. Currently on tour supporting fellow death-metal rockers Obituary, the Adam Clemans-led foursome made Hotlanta the first stop of a journey that will roam through 27 cities in just over a month. With all the fanfare surrounding this series of concerts, it was imperative the troupe bring their A-game in order to impress — and that they did.

SkeletonWitch (1 of 1)-4
Adam Clemans of Skeletonwitch

The boys of Skeletonwitch surpass what you’d expect at a death-metal showing. Yes, they have the long hair, scruffy beards, patched-up vests, and bad-ass guitars. However, additionally, they possess a flair for conjuring up a perception that as the show carried on, nothing else mattered! Not even the headliners, Obituary.

While leather-gloved Clemans leads the charge, the remaining string-trio of Nate “N8 Feet Under” Garnette, Scott Hedrick, and Evan Linger go above and beyond twice over to create oodles of euphoria. Touring drummer Jon Rice is a natural and fits right in without skipping a beat. Finally, slick-haired lead-singer Clemans going bonkers on the metal-mannerisms as he delivers his powerful growls add the final ingredient for an intensely vigorous performance. With every passing anthem, the gang channels raw energy that leads to head-banging without pause and complete disregard from a charged-up crowd. So, Atlanta, is your neck aching? We bet it is!

Listen, if you are into maniacally good times, tunes that rule, and bands that kick-ass, then Skeletonwitch is one to check out. Be sure to catch them live at a venue near you, and download their upcoming LP Devouring Radiant Light – out July 20th on Prosthetic Records.



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