Album Review: Wax Chattels – Wax Chattels

Article by Andrés Alvarado


From New Zealand with love. Ladies and gentlemen, trio Wax Chattels‘ self-titled LP has arrived. Bursting of adrenaline inducing thumpers, Wax Chattels’ debut record is anything but ordinary. This Auckland outfit’s sound is akin to a dark underground-like riot; way of auditory-wrecking drums, a musically empowering bass-line, zippy array of keys, and an enthralling fuck-off attitude of epic proportions.

Wax Chatells

The Matrix-esque tonality of Wax Chattels is a breath of fresh air in a cheesy pop polluted world. Latest “In My Mouth” is a dominant fuel-ridden shot of electronic punk chaos that hypnotically distorts all sanity and invites the beauty of inner self carelessness to flourish. By contrast, “Gillian” (an homage to X-Files star Gillian Anderson) serves up a mild-mannered, yet firm, dosage of leather-jackets-and-sunglasses sway of sinister rhythmicity.

Audiophiles may rejoice with the hair-ripping and mosh-pit makeup density of drums-driven “Shrinkage,” or the garage-punk fillings within “Stay Disappointed.” Overall, for roughly 40 minutes, Wax Chattels grips your undivided attention, with or without your permission. Mainly, because they can!

The album’s biggest flaw may be its lack of relax. The threesome’s “no rest for these wicked beats” approach may drive listeners into overdrive and scattering for a temporary escape from the melodic anarchy. Then again, fuck-it, right? Isn’t that the Wax Chattels’ way anyway? Likely.

Wax Chattels Debut Album Cover

Ultimately, Wax Chattels is Peter Ruddell on keyboards/vocals, Amanda Cheng on bass/vocals, Tom Leggett on drums, strictly no guitars, and a senses screwing audio gift. The freshman offering is quite haywire. An acquired taste of sorts, but for those willing to plunge into the insanity, the reward is worth the risk. Like previously said, from New Zealand with love. Cheers!

Wax Chattels self-titled debut is out May 18th on Captured Tracks and Flying Nun Records. If this review riles you up or piques your interest, be sure to get your copy here.

Score: 7/10 — Key Tracks: “Gillian,” “In My Mouth,” “Shrinkage,” and “Stay Disappointed.”


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