Everclear – Live @ The Buckhead Theatre

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


It was a legitimate Throwback Thursday in Atlanta. Nineties alt-rock icons Everclear took over the entertainment reins at the Buckhead Theatre, and funneled their contagious raw energy into a gnarly night of grunge that diehards will not soon forget.

Everclear (1 of 1)-12
Art Alexakis of Everclear

The booze was free-flowing and a mightily pumped crowd anxiously awaited the clock to strike ten. Lights finally go dim, cheers intensify, Art Alexakis and his mates walk front and center, let the party begin. It’s an easy-going entrance. No waves, nor fist pumps, just four musicians, sure of their craft and ready to rhythmically crack some skulls. Then, bedlam, just bedlam happened.

On a deck of minimalist design, this Portland foursome came, saw, and conquered by way of thumping strings, deafening drums, and just some good ol’ rollicking showmanship. If you are wondering, yes, of course, they perform their bigger hits, but there is plenty more to see, plenty more to hear. Dave French is no slouch on that dais! His body language, hair, and all-black attire screams of rock-star guitarist. By contrast, Freddy Herrera seems to enjoy  his low-key approach and simply let his bass pulsate and invigorate the room. Drummer Jake Margolis may be the band’s newest member, but handles his duties like a bona fide Everclear veteran. Then, there’s Art. The man plays a mean guitar, slings some serious vocalization, and sporadically goes for a jump or two. A true professional, a musician’s musician.

Everclear (1 of 1)-7
Dave French of Everclear

There are no insane lighting exhibits, no confetti canons, or whacky props, just four artists getting by on sheer talent and unlimited charisma. Ultimately, from opener “Your Genius Hands” to smash anthem closer “Santa Monica,” the Everclear dudes seem genuinely joyous in performance; as onlookers wear wide smiles and sing-along to those nostalgic numbers.

Be sure to catch Everclear’s Summerland Tour, with friends Marcy Playground and Local H, as this memorable musical journey trudges along to a venue near you. Dates and tickets here.







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