Chase Atlantic – Live @ The Buckhead Theatre

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


Australian alt-pop trifecta, Chase Atlantic, is on a meteoric rise to fame. Though formed a mere 5 years ago, the band possesses a brand that elevates their reputation with each passing concert, each passing single, and each new record. Speaking of which, the Mitchel Cave-led trio is set to release their sophomore full-length offering, Phases, and, in support, assembled a world-wide tour for the fanatics. With the gang stopping by Atlanta’s chic Buckhead Theatre, their Dirty South aficionados lined up early and packed the walls front-to-back and side-to-side with hundreds and hundreds of followers — each armed with a healthy dose of excitement to witness these wunderkinds from Down Under.

Chase Atlantic
Chase Atlantic

On stage, the boys are of youthful and rambunctious nature. While the genre of choice is a mixture of alternative rock, R&B, and sugary radio-friendly pop, the theatrics of the night ring a hip-hop type of bell. From the baggy clothing to Mitchel’s flailing braids to the continuous rowdy swaying, these kids are a bottomless pit of energy.  Assisted by backdrop screens and some pretty badass strobes, the night kept surging, the screams grew louder,  the anthems reverberated heavier, the atmosphere drew more and more intoxicating. Chase Atlantic had brought their A-game to A-town.

Chase Atlantic
Chase Atlantic

The highlights of the night were plentiful and memorable. From Clinton Cave‘s dynamic saxophone mastery to touring drummer Jesse Boyle‘s glowing opening solo and Mitchel’s upper deck performance for the fans in the back, it was a crazy go of events. Sure, the bangers were the hook to bring the masses out, yet the stagecraft was otherworldly. Summarized, Chase Atlantic reeled in the fandom more and more with each note played, with each slick stride, with each idiosyncrasy that oomphed up the pageantry. The sky is the limit for these youngsters. It is quite the sight to experience these boyish-looking virtuosos manhandle a concert like veterans of the circuit. In short, Chase Atlantic has gained the undivided attention of many supporters — now it is up to them to maintain it.

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