Festival Preview: Shaky Knees @ Central Park – Atlanta

Life has a funny way of playing out. Unexpectedly, and many times, raining on your picnic or parade. So, life gave Shaky Knees some lemons via the announcement that both Stevie Nicks and Royal Blood would be dropping out of the upcoming festival. Hence, Shaky Knees made some lemonade via the announcement that Foo Fighters, Garbage, Glove and The Collection would take their place in the lineup. Crisis averted!

Additionally, those amazing yearly Late Night shows were announced today. So, to those fans wondering, the party is about to be bigger and better than ever. So, despite the losses, and they are heavy losses, fans need worry not. Shaky Knees has got you covered, and got you covered well. As the saying goes, the show must go on! Now, click the links for your Shaky Knees tickets or tickets to your favorite late night show. Do it, do it now! See you there.

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