Denzel Curry – Live @ The Tabernacle

Rambunctious crowds, mosh pits, backdrop graphics and raging anthems. What do all these things have in common? Well, they were all crammed between The Tabernacle’s four walls during Denzel Curry‘s jam-packed, floor-shaking rowdy performance in Atlanta.

Having released his highly awaited fifth LP, Melt My Eyez See Your Future, earlier this year, Curry embarked on a support journey of epic promotion. Crowded venues at every stop along the way, Curry was expected to deliver a lit time, and that he did. Let’s just say he exceeded the narrative. On stage, the man is not only a dynamo of energy, but a motherfucking rock-star at his peak.

The wild shenanigans come by the tons. The man monikered “Zeltron” exudes bottomless intensity with each passing dance and each passing rhyme spit. A dynamo as he strength-strolls the famed Tabernacle deck to the deafening beats and the trippy graphics spewing from the backdrop. Curry even takes time to high-five incoming crowd-surfers, and even record himself for the social media live streams of said fanatics.. This young-gun is a forceful and red-blooded artist for all intents and purposes.

By night’s end, Mr. Curry had the crowd sweaty, hyped, and in beast-mode mentality. Be a showman’s showman is the Curry mantra. The Florida rapper’s pageantry is insane, loud, fun, and fucking full of blazin’ beats and dope lyrics. Definitely one tour to catch.

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