My Chemical Romance – Live @ Ameris Bank Amphitheatre

It is almost like finding beauty in the rubble that is everyday life. Gerard Way’s haunting vocals overtake you in such a way. My Chemical Romance is back, back in Atlanta, back in the spotlight. Glad to have you back. We have missed you, sunshine. Now blow our minds the way only MCR knows how to. And that, they did.

After a failed attempt at playing Atlanta-based Music Midtown Festival — thank you very much, idiot with a gun obsession — the New Jersey natives finally made their way to the A. Sold out show, of course. However, this was not your usual sell-out, it was likely the loudest group of fanatics this writer has ever witnessed. Start-to-end, front-row-to-last-seat-in-the-lawn and everyone in between, sheer pandemonium.

The night was a gorgeous display of showmanship and mesmerizing vocals. String work of a top-notch caliber, drumming and keyboards on point, a dilapidated-looking backdrop than only enhanced by contrast the beauty of the symphony being presented before you, lighting and smoke that painted a gorgeous view onto which Gerard and company played the objects worthy of admiration. All in all, a most welcomed return. Glad to have you back indeed, boys.

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