Alter Bridge – Live @ Coca-Cola Roxy

A frenzy erupted at 9:20PM sharp, when the Orlando, FL. quartet, Alter Bridge took the stage. The elegantly decorated Coca-Cola Roxy served as host venue, and under a rain of fluorescent red and purple strobes, Alter Bridge wastes no time enlivening the crowd further with a passionate performance of banger “Silver Tongue.” Mr. Myles Kennedy is on his A-Game, belting out strong vocals whilst Tremonti and Marshall display top-notch musicianship and their quintessential grandiose rock-star idiosyncrasies. Not to be left behind, drummer Scott Phillips ties it all together with his astral skills.

The gang showed up in full-throttle mode and ready to impress. Under a massive backdrop displaying the outfit’s moniker, the fellas delve into their masterfully iconic shtick. Hard pounding and ground shaking notes explode off those instruments under a bevy of strobes and flash. A fully engaged sold-out crowd push the energy to newer levels by the minute.

The boys drop the hardcore play down a notch when Myles Kennedy is given the mic and stage to perform a solo acoustic version of “Watch Over You.” Here the crowd bear witness to a gentler and relatable Kennedy, this just makes his fans swoon over him all the more. For the final encore, Alter Bridge give the fans a grand sendoff with powerful performance of anthem “Rise Today.” Alter Bridge came in with a conquer approach tonight. Mission accomplished. Simply put, an impressive show.

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