Harry Mack – Live @ Buckhead Theatre

Harry Mack is not your average rapper, not your average artist, not your average performer. Moreover, Harry Mack is a rare talent, a fun-loving freestyle savant and a mindbogglingly memorable showman. This is not to be taken lightly. Notes Mack, “Your normal concert is predetermined, it is practiced and it unravels from the stage out for onlookers. I do not perform that way. I do not know how any given show will go. It is back-and-forth, I need the crowd to partake in order for me to put out a show. It’s the only way this works.

If you have yet to hear about Harry Mack, well catch up. The man a TikTok and Omegle superstar. His whole shtick is randomly approaching strangers onsite or online and requesting they allow him to freestyle for them — cue the strangers chuckle and faces of disbelief — and they mostly oblige. While a freestyle will come about, it is only started once the strangers chime in with 3 to 5 words they would like to hear on any given rap. Sometimes those words are simple, sometimes the words are complex, every time minds are blown. Not only will Mack build bars from those given words, but from the witnesses’ apparel, tattoos, shoes, accessories, pets and even street signs. These details are what oomph the freestyle from cool to jaw-dropping.

So, for the first time ever, Harry Mack performed in Atlanta. He graduated from the social media limelight to the venue stage spotlight. Upon entrance, Mack comes in hot through the back entrance of the venue free-styling all the way to the dais amongst ecstatic fans. The oohs and aahs can be heard with every passing spitfire bar. It really is a simple yet complex formula, Mack simply raps about what is thrown at him. Yet, no one really knows what is coming next as every word or category is randomized. Nonetheless, Mack is a maestro of his craft and makes more than possibly expected. The man raps and navigates the deck joyfully and with a note of humbleness. To a degree, it feels like Mack himself cannot believe he is now performing for thousands willing to pay to witness the insanity of his artistry.

Among the highlights of the night are the creation of story plots to navigate through, bringing a select few onlookers to stage to handout custom made hip-hop ciphers, a few bars in Spanish and a whole track dedicated to a stolen bag of cash. Though the man takes time to share previously made tracks, most of the spectacle is made as it goes. Honestly, if you find this whole article description a bit much to believe, just check it out below. The man is worth your time.

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