Kevin Kaarl @ The Eastern

The Kevin Kaarl experience touched down in Atlanta at swanky venue, The Eastern. Performing in front to a sold-out base, the young Kaarl is journeying around in promotion of his new LP, Paris Texas and its namesake tour.

Kevin Kaarl

The venue crowd was pumped and created an intoxicating atmosphere that heightened the live setting experience. The lighting and sound quality were top-notch, which made the music even more enjoyable. Of course, the whole shebang ties in with the Kaarl musical team and the beautiful deep rasp of Kevin Kaarl’s baritone voice.

Kaarl and company delivered a remarkable performance, showcasing their incredible musical talent, a vulnerable aura and sheer promise for the future of the genre. They played a mix of older tunes and newer Paris Texas material, which kept the audience engaged throughout the entire concert.

Kevin Kaarl

The crowd was incredibly young, yet it felt like a collective old soul, and actively participated in the concert, singing along to the most popular songs, or what felt like every single one. Kevin Kaarl and band actively participated back with a certain type of low key smile when acknowledging the fans and even a few “heys and what’s ups” in there.

Overall, Kevin Kaarl is an exceptional new talent. He possess the type of voice that transcends generations and brings in the fandom by the bunches and of all ages. Owner of an introspective feel to music, brave yet sensitive, not party-like just real world-like, and that in itself is rare and gorgeous. Truly an artist to look forward to, look up to, and catch a show or two when around your local venue.

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