Artist Spotlight: *Repeat Repeat

Article by Andrés Alvarado


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jared and Kristyn Corder, they are the inspiration and drive behind candy surf-rock outfit *Repeat Repeat. Hailing from music city Nashville, this couple has been on a meteoric rise since unleashing their 2017 LP, Floral Canyon.


You might be wondering, what exactly is candy surf-rock? Well, by the duo’s website description, it’s mixing the sunny swoon of sixties pop with a dark swirl of Warholian garage rock. Sounds cool, right? Well, the description falls well short once you immerse yourself in the audibly delicious Floral Canyon. An album that walks a tightrope of tune volatility and zig zags not only through genres, but timelines. From 60ish prom-band anthem “Girlfriend,” to the glamorous 80ish synth-pop tunage of “Animal,” and the AMArctic Monkeys-like riff on “Mostly,” this is one under the radar record that might send audiophiles into overdrive. Rightfully so!

Kristyn and Jared Corder of *Repeat Repeat – Photo by William Aubrey Reynolds

Playing at Atlanta’s gnarliest music festival, Shaky Knees, and leading up to performing in the world renown Bonnaroo jubilee, Jared and Kristyn took time to answer some quick questions and give us a tiny insight into their collective thinking.

1.- How does the band dynamic work? Being married, does any work disagreement spill over onto home life? Does it not?

It feels less like 2 separate dynamics and more like our whole lives intertwined with music, our work, and our time together. In that sense, I suppose things spill over, but neither of us are so prideful that we’d let the music portion of our life really affect our marriage. In the end, we feel we live in this silly and amazing world where we get to make art together and make a living doing it. We know how quickly those things can fade. We never take that for granted, so I think everyday we get to work together as a couple on music is a day we don’t have to spend apart at some fucking desk job.

2.- I recently got into “Floral Canyon.” Great job! Of all the tracks on it, individually, which is your favorite to perform? Why?

Thank you! My favorite to perform is Echo. It’s a story about being on the other side of fame where you see how people who achieve success can forget where they came from. Every time we play the song, it reminds me that everyone I come in contact with is in a different place in life and you never know how your reaction can effect them in a long term way. Plus it’s really upbeat, and I get to not play guitar for a verse or two which is always fun.

3.- What can our readers expect from *Repeat Repeat in the future? New music? Any other goals on the horizon?

New music. That’s the most I can say right now about it, but it is going to be really exciting we promise. Lots of touring this year (stay tuned as well) and lots of sweat.

4.- What’s it like to perform on huge festival like Shaky Knees? Any other artist that may leave you star-struck?

David Byrne blew our minds. Manchester Orchestra was beautiful. It is always incredible to play a big festival like Shaky Knees. They treat their artists so well and book all the most incredible bands. It was a total honor.

5.- Other than *Repeat Repeat, what other band names were floated around? What’s the story behind the band name?

Hmmm. Karate Solo was one that we’ve tossed around. If you ever see the name Trash Fruit, it’s probably us playing a secret show. I joke with Kristyn that we should change the name to Ginko Baloba.

There you have it, folks! Listen, you don’t have to take my word for it, heck, not even *Repeat Repeat’s word. Just listen to Floral Canyon, enjoy it, and then come back to thank us. This band has plenty to offer – and we are absolutely thrilled to tune in.

To download the band’s latest offering, be sure to check them out on Spotify or iTunes. For more information, be sure to visit their site here. Cheers!








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