Bishop Briggs – Live @ Center Stage

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


She’s back! It was in September of 2016 that a relatively unknown artist at the time, London native Bishop Briggs, was opening for this high-rising rock band out of Iceland, Kaleo, at Atlanta’s Center Stage. That show was completely sold-out well in advance of the performance, but the hordes of fans came out for the Scandinavian quintet. Bishop was simply the cherry on top. However, Briggs took advantage of her limited performance window and stirred up such a powerful impression that upon her return to Center Stage, this time sans Kaleo, the mid-size venue once again was filled to capacity, this go-round though, solely for Briggs. Bishop had come full circle, Atlantans had not forgotten her. Having released her new album, Church of Scars, earlier this year, Briggs came packed with plenty more in her discography arsenal than her last run.

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Musically, Briggs’ sound is a fusion of power-pop, hip-hop, soulful rock, and a slight hint of goth mixed in there somewhere. Her vocal prowess is that of legends, her bone-chilling high notes can tear the roof off of any venue. Finally, her showmanship is heartfelt and honest, her non-stop violent gallivanting perfectly epitomizes her thumpers. Bishop Briggs is the total package.

Ms. Briggs, whose artistic moniker was inspired from her parent’s hometown in Scotland, was set and scheduled for a 9:10PM start. Nonetheless, plenty of aficionados eagerly lined up hours prior in hopes of snatching up a front row space close to Ms. Briggs. Moreover, plenty of diehards showed up decked in B.B. swag, some in tribute-like track suits, and a handful of ladies took it up a notch sporting those signature Bishop buns.

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Visually, the venue’s deck takes a minimalist approach, except for a podium sporting the artist name at the center and her backing musicians setting up left and right of the stage. Once the performance commenced, it was, in simple terms, pandemonium. Briggs’ energy was uncontrolled, her instrumentalists nicely and precisely compliment her towering deliveries, onlookers waving hands in the air without care.

It all starts with moody and forceful anthem “White Flag” and the rest was beautiful history. For roughly one hour, Briggs owned her admirers, owned Center Stage, owned Atlanta. From the opening minute through the closing notes of finale “River,” Briggs was masterful, delightful, forceful, inspiring, and downright charming.

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Overall, there is plenty to rave about in regards to Bishop Briggs. Her music, for one, but she’s plenty more than an artist. During her spectacle Briggs takes time to acknowledge her sister/manager, thank her adoring base for taking the time to come through, and setting up a donation box for LGBTQ community. Indeed, Bishop Briggs is plenty of things. She’s an inspiring musician, a fighter for human rights, a humble role-model, and a goddamn sensational show-runner.

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For more information on Bishop Briggs and her ongoing tour in support of debut LP, Church of Scars, click here.

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