Artist Spotlight: Makeout

Article by Andrés Alvarado


Summer is right around the corner, everyone. Fun! That can only mean one thing, the Vans Warped Tour is about to embark on its yearly run of shenanigans, booze, and, of course, live music. Sadly, as previously announced, this will be the final cross-country run for this historic and monumental festival. That being said, tensions are high to deliver some spectacular performances on this finale. The folks at the helm of the Vans Warped Tour are hellbent on going out on top, and we’re sure they will.

Among the performing acts at this year’s run will be a Rhode Island power punk quartet by the name of Makeout. These youngsters out of Providence are billed to trek the entire journey on this last Warped Tour and both the fans’ and the band’s expectations are sky-high.


With their debut album, The Good Life, having been released in late September of 2017, this pop-punk foursome has been on a steady course of making a name for themselves and proving they can hang with the musical titans associated with the Warped Tour. Recently, Makeout bassist, Alex Lofton took some time out of his hectic schedule to chat with LoudSound and give us, and our readers, a taste of what Makeout is all about and why we should pay them some mind.

Alex Lofton of Makeout

1.- So, Alex, it’s now been roughly three-quarters of a year since your freshman LP, The Good Life, was released. Tell us, what has changed for the band since then?

I feel like we’ve matured a lot. It’s still been such a short time and we have so much work to do as far as getting this record out but so far, the response has been amazing.

2.- The tracks on The Good Life feel like a shot of pandemonium straight to the heart. Tell us, what’s your process like when creating such energy-ridden anthems?

Haha. That’s a good way to put it! It usually just starts with a simple idea and develops from there. What can you say, I guess we’re just high energy guys.

3.- To any first-time listener, what do you wish they get out of The Good Life?

A good time, and hopefully some feels.

4.- How many tracks were recorded for the debut? Twelve were selected, how many lost out on making the cut?

We probably did close to 30 tracks with John Feldmann, our producer. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear some of them in the future.

5.- Personally, my favorite track is Childish, what’s the backstory on this thumper?

Just a high energy song about staying youthful, it’s one of my favorites also!

6.- What track is your favorite to perform live? Why?

Blast Off or Clockwork. Just really fun songs to play.

7.- The Vans Warped Tour has been a vanguard festival for many up and coming bands, and established musical juggernauts. How do you feel about playing in its concluding chapter? What are you most looking forward to about this run?

We are beyond excited to be a part of the final one. This tour is so monumental for this scene and Kevin (Lyman) has done amazing things helping bands break through on his tour. Shout-out to Kevin for putting us on!

8.- What bands are you most looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Waterparks, for sure, since they’re homies. Chase Atlantic and All Time Low. Pretty much everyone on our stage this year are super tight.

9.- Performing live. What’s that like? Does it still feel new? Jitters? Routines?

I feel like it’s still pretty new to us. We’ve only toured on the record twice.

10.- Speaking of live pageantry, what can a fan expect at a Makeout performance?

Way too much energy. Our whole thing is we want to bring a fun show every time we play.

11.- Ok, a little off the music topic, can you tell us a special skill you possess? Like, chess-champ or juggler. 

Fortnite master.

12.- Ok, back to music, the industry is a tough one. Who inspired you to not give up and go for it? Maybe a teacher, a parent, many a friend, tell us about it.

I think we all are very strong willed and always wanted this. We are also lucky enough to have people in our lives who supported our dreams.

13.- Before collectively landing on the name Makeout, what band names didn’t make the cut?

Haha. There were a lot of names thrown around, but nothing that stuck.

14.- Final question, tell us something you’d like our readers to know. Anything I missed I asking that you think would be cool to know?

Just how excited we are to eve playing for you all this summer! We’ll see you there!

There you have it, folks. Looks like the Makeout dudes are one of those under the radar outfits you might want to catch at this upcoming Warped Tour journey. They might just blow your mind. Cheers!


For more on Makeout and their debut album, The Good Life, be sure to check out their website, here. For more on the Vans Warped Tour, tickets, dates, click here.


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