Album Review: Logic – YSIV

Article by Andrés Alvarado


It’s rather illogical not to be impressed with Maryland rapper Logic‘s rise over the last few years. However, had you been not dazzled or simply unaware of his ascend, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II will make sure you are privy to his accomplishments in the final chapter of the Young Sinatra mixtape series. For the fourth go-round and culmination, Logic gathered some heavy hitting friends like the entire Wu-Tang Clan and Wale to chip in and make this record one of worthy notoriety. Long story short, the LP shines bright. YSIV is the prizefighter of the Sinatra realm. Logic has unleashed a beast.

Logic – YSIV

A release heavily favoring the high-highs than the low-lows, YSIV is spearheaded by single “Wu-Tang Forever.” While this is a Logic album, “Wu-Tang Forever” is the collaboration that enthralls the masses. This single is simply nothing to fuck with. An early ’90s throwback melody vessels spit after spit from all living original Wu disciples plus official/unofficial Wu member Cappadonna, Wu associate Jackpot Scotty Wotty, and, of course, Logic.  Overall, the rhymes are tight, the stream is nostalgic fresh, and reuniting the Wu-Tang Clan to “form like Voltron” is one more massive accolade to add to Logic’s impressive run.

The remainder of YSIV holds further nice surprises within. Previously released track “One Day” steadies the chiller edges of YSIV. Nonetheless, Logic is at his Young Sinatra supreme when he rips and rhymes in raw roots form; as is the case on namesake single “YSIV,” “Street Dreams II,” “Everybody Dies,” and “The Adventures of Stoney Bob.” Rounding off the stout core of YSIV are the mumble-rap take-down stylings of “The Return,” the ’80s Soul Train diapason and gloriously agile syllability behind “100 Miles and Running,” and the steady stream of head-bobbing swagger tied to the Jaden Smith-assisted “ICONIC.”

For all the positive particles entrapped within YSIV, there are a couple of corny flaws. Opener “Thank You” and closer “Last Call” seem rather unnecessary and borderline narcissistic. Lame, more appropriately. Additionally, the Hailee Steinfled-aided “Ordinary Day” comes through as some generic pop-rap throwaway that momentarily flow wrecks an otherwise smooth middle-of-the-album.


All said and done, YSIV yields a healthy conclusion to the Young Sinatra saga. YSIV brims of fantastic flows and rap jabs that place Logic on the righteous path to rap-game royalty. YSIV is Logic near his bars-spittin’ finest — and more than makes up for the hiccup that was 2017’s “Everybody.” Logic seems to be back in form. Give YSIV a whirl, you might find yourself colored impressed. Cheers!

Album Score: 8/10 – Key Tracks: “Wu-Tang Forever,” “100 Miles and Running,” “ICONIC,” “YSIV,” and “The Return.”




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