Avatar – Live @ The Buckhead Theatre

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


October is here. October is known as the month of spook. Fittingly, the badass outcast quintet known as Avatar is touring — and bringing their musical gusto and spookiness along. Touching down in chic Atlanta venue, The Buckhead Theatre, front-man Johannes Eckerström and his gang of castaways brought the tunes and energy to tear the roof down. And then some.

Avatar (1 of 1)-6
Johannes Eckerström of Avatar

The kookiness behind Avatar’s pageantry is untamed and unlimited. Five Swedish shock-metal virtuosos in matching attire with a taste for the zany. Tongue-wagging Eckerström is a capsule of energy, and quite the show-runner. Whether Johannes is belting out blood curdling growls or whimsically dancing, the man knows how to rile up the masses. In the company of drummer John Alfredsson and the string-connoisseur trifecta of JonasKungen” Jarlsby, Henrik Sandelin and Tim Earstream Öhrström, Avatar’s raging melodic doozies and stage mannerisms are eye-opening spectacular.

Taking the time to perform their bigger hits, like “The Eagle Has Landed” and “Smells Like A Freakshow,” Avatar is knowledgeable in the art of entertainment and handing the crowd exactly what they came for, live music elation. All in all, Avatar put on a clinic in the craft of amusement and visual production.

Avatar (1 of 1)

Ladies and gentlemen, freaks and outcasts, mistakes and miscarriages, be warned. Start to finish, pound for pound, Avatar is one of the most astoundingly spell-binding shticks you will witness. Subjectively, it’s impossible to answer how well Avatar ranks in the discussion of the best live acts, but it is undeniable they’re a crew of metal gurus you will be mentioning to all your friends and adding to your playlists. Cheers!



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