In This Moment – Live @ The Tabernacle

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


Masters of goth-metal, In This Moment, seized the night in Atlanta’s Tabernacle venue with their larger-than-life visual and audible bonanza. The Maria Brink-led quintet slayed with an optically grandiose performance, and a healthy dose of rock music badassery. With the house packed front-to-back and wall-to-wall, the Californian metal-core ensemble put forth their spookiest A-game — and onlookers were treated to an unforgettable night.

In This Moment (1 of 1)-2
Maria Brink of In This Moment

For starters, forget what you know about live acts. Regardless of what your parameters are for a grand time, In This Moment will blow them out of the water. Their pageantry is unequivocally a Broadway-esque affair. Presenting on a dais brimmed of spooky cemetery and holy church-like props — which include a mausoleum like structure — the evening was a go. For all intents and purposes, In This Moment’s harmony is the rationale to purchase that entry and attend their spectacle; nonetheless, the details, man hours, and care invested in creating their fanfare may be the grounds for which to become a lifelong fan.

In This Moment (1 of 1)-18
Randy Weitzel of In This Moment

On stage, In This Moment displays a bottomless sense of energy in every direction imaginable. String trio, Travis Johnson, Randy Weitzel, and ITM founding member Chris Howorth are all worthy of your undivided attention as each brings a heavy element of oomph to their craft. From Weitzel’s demonic skeleton makeup and impressive shreds to Johnson’s eye-popping contacts and imposing demeanor to Howorth’s under-a-hoodie creepiness and lead guitar role, this triumvirate is as impressive as it gets. For his part, drummer Kent Diimmel lays back in the cut, but his hi-hats, cymbals and drums finesse is at all times front and center of the ceremonies.

In This Moment (1 of 1)-5
Travis Johnson of In This Moment

Naturally, the majority of the show’s focus is on the one and only blood legion queen, Maria Brink. Her contributions to the live circuit journey are irreplaceable and simply essential to the very foundation of what In This Moment offers. Aside from her gang of talented musicians, Brink is joined onstage by a trio of backup dancers, A.K.A. The Blood Girls, as the centerpiece act within the act. Brink’s vocal prowess is beautifully highlighted with each passing track, while her cutting edge femininity and sexuality is at the forefront with every costume change (plenty of those going on) and on every thoroughly intricate choreograph delivered. Simply stated, Maria Brink is one badass lady.

In This Moment (1 of 1)-14
Maria Brink of In This Moment

All said and done, In This Moment truly outdoes itself to bring much joy to its live circuit fan-base. From leader Maria Brink to the Blood Girls and everyone in between, In This Moment are a force to be reckoned with. Presenters of a witching hour of live metal grandstanding, In This Moment is candidly a can’t miss act.




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