Mon Laferte – Live @ The Buckhead Theatre

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado

Mon Laferte is an extraordinary talent. The Chilean composer and songstress brought her La Gira de Norma (Tour of Norma) to Atlanta for a completely packed house at the swanky Buckhead Theatre. It was a colorful affair — brimmed of bouncy tunes and playful interaction, a touch of banter and the donning of colorful attire. A party of sorts, out of whack yet in control, glamorous yet casual, a little bit of rock-n-roll, and a ton of that infectious Latin fiesta flair.

Mon Laferte

On stage, Laferte is a dynamo of sway and swagger. At first impressions, her outward aspects scream of a rockabilly goddess with her numerous corky tattoos and a pitch black hairdo, yet her anthems hold plenty of melancholic feels laced onto playful cumbia and bluesy vibes. Laferte strives on a combination of raw emotion and polished music. Her fans seemed devoted to her; and she rewards them accordingly by way of an artistic engagement that is chock-full of wide smiles, provocative burlesque(ish) boogies, and an overall lighthearted aura.

Mon Laferte

Laferte rides in the company of a 7-man band decked in cohesive paint-splashed white overalls. She, herself, carries the red version of the getup. The famed “alien face and rose” logo decorates the backside of each member. Throw in some wicked strobes and some bitchin’ background graphics and it is quite the visual. A splashy and multi-hued shindig worthy of some undivided attention.

Mon Laferte

Overall, the theatre atmosphere ran intoxicating and fun. Mon Laferte steers a tight ship. All said and done, Mon Laferte delivered the goods; like the consummate professional that she is. Large crowds and sold-out shows are the norm for this virtuosa, yet, in the end, her performance felt wholeheartedly intimate and individually dedicated to each die-hard fan on hand.



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