Incubus – Live @ The Coca-Cola Roxy

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


Back in 1999, Incubus, for the first time, loomed large within the musical spheres. Having released their critically acclaimed third effort, Make Yourself, the Brandon Boyd-led bunch were the rock darlings for that year. Fast forward to present time and the California quintet still maintain an iconic presence within the industry; a little older, a little slower, a little tamer, yet still brimming of talent and showmanship, and quite an expansive fan base. To commemorate twenty go-rounds of their breakthrough LP, Make Yourself, the boys are taking their act to mid-sized stages for an intimate celebration with their most loyal followers.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus

Their stop by Atlanta took place within the sold-out halls of the gorgeous Coca-Cola Roxy. The event gathered a melting pot of concert goers ranging from adults on the younger side to your typical head of households and of all ethnic backgrounds. Incubus has that kind of effect and charm; their music genuinely transcends age, gender and race.

Ben Kenney of Incubus

After a brief making-of documentary introduction for Make Yourself, the gang took to the stage. Ready to rock, ready to roll, Boyd & co. were showered by boisterous cheers as they walked to their assigned spots. With instruments in hand, the presentation was that of a smooth nature. Engaging and colorful, at moments bright, at moments dark, Incubus rifled off banger after banger; with a bottomless supplies of singalongs thrown in by those on hand.


Twenty years, twenty songs, two hours and two encores were the themes and tallies for the night. Magnificent highs and dazzling lights were in attendance. Boyd and his boys were on their A-game, displaying a fair amount of verve and fair amount of humbleness. Simply a night soon not to be forgotten. It is quite easy to take a band like Incubus for granted nowadays. They have been on the radar for several decades now, yet they are not a relic of the past and, on a night like tonight, we were reminded of just how stellar this band has been over their trajectory. Pun intended!


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