A$AP Ferg – Live @ The Buckhead Theatre

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado

It takes a special kind of talent to impress Atlanta when it comes to trap music. Home to several genre trailblazers like Gucci Mane, Jeezy, and Lil Yachty, it seems likes a fool’s errand to come into A-T-L and take on its crowd. Nonetheless, A$AP Ferg is not one to shy away from a challenge. Passing by the swanky Buckhead Theatre on his Yedi Tour promoting his new EP, Floor Seats, Ferg came, Ferg saw, and Ferg conquered.

A$AP Ferg

The stage setup runs outlined of strobe towers and bumping speakers. It was a colorful affair, to say the least. Ferg, dripped in plenty of bling and a patched-up army green jumper, sports a neon green hairdo and a wide diamond grill sparkling smile as he makes his way to the fans by a quarter to ten. Greeted by an ear-splitting round of cheers, Ferg kicks off the festivities with hit-single and new EP namesake, “Floor Seats,” to ramp up the party and set a rowdy tone for a voracious herd of fans.

A$AP Ferg

The pageantry proved to be of a euphoric nature. Not only does Ferg quarterback a lit show, but the man also brings a couple of aces up his sleeve; namely two, by the names of Jack Harlow and Joey Badass. Yes, Ferg, in a positive turn of events, was joined by his famous buds on stage — naturally upping the oomph to 110. Bumping bangers, luminous lights and paramount performances were all on the menu of this Ferg musical feast; and the audience ate it up. From punk-rock mosh pits and crowd surfs to the Hood Pope getting up close and personal to aficionados in those front rows, the ceremonies provided natural highs brimmed of enthusiasm.

A$AP Ferg

The night ran rather quick, yet unforgettable. It was 60 minutes or so of quality over quantity, 60 minutes of that intoxicating Ferg sound, 60 minutes that seemed custom created to maximize each individual fan experience. Yes, Atlanta may be the trap-rap nest of America, but on this night, New Yorker A$AP Ferg proved to be king of the castle.

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