Grace Potter – Live @ The Tabernacle

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


Ms. Grace Potter is one badass entertainer! Sure, that may seem like an obvious statement to her legions of fanatics; nonetheless, every reader should know that. Before we delve into the antics of this show, know this, Grace Potter is worth every cent of that admission price. That being said, the trendy Tabernacle venue in Atlanta played host on this night of humongous natural highs and terrific tunes.

Grace Potter

To celebrate the release for her latest LP, Daylight, Potter and her crew of virtuosos engaged on an extensive tour of promotion. Aptly named, The Daylight Tour, the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Potter provided peak level showmanship for roughly 2 hours, across 20 tracks and an engaging encore. Long story short, Potter came, Potter saw, Potter conquered.

Grace Potter

Potter and ’70s flower child getup were the main attraction – and rightfully so. However, it should be stated that she was accompanied on stage by some gifted string-men, talented keyboardist, and a maniac (in the good sense of the word) behind the drum kit. You are only as good as your weakest link. Grace Potter made damn sure she carried no lackadaisical entertainer on the dais. This was cohesive and solid bunch. Beautifully organized and as fun as can be.

Grace Potter

All said and done, the thousands of aficionados on hand were treated to an extravagant evening of all the shades of Grace Potter. From shredding on her V-type Gibson to some joyous tambourine wizardry and all the excellent keyboard and vocal range execution, Ms. Potter is force to be reckoned with. A master of her craft. A harmonious genius. An entertainer worth every penny paid for admission.

Be sure to catch Grace Potter on her sensational Daylight Tour at city near you. You cab purchase your tickets here. Until then, enjoy this gallery from her Atlanta concert.

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