Zoé – Live @ Buckhead Theatre

Mexican neo-psychedelic rockers, Zoé, are one cool bunch. Touching down in Atlanta for their Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia Tour, these sons of Mexico made sure the evening was one of sheer excitement and good old-fashioned fun. From the first note played to the final wave goodnight, Zoé was quite charismatic, quite lively, and quite masterful of their onstage craft.

It was a grand affair on this night. As much as León Larregui and the Zoé gang were the stars of the night, onlookers were quite the attraction, as well. From beers-in-hands to carrying handheld Mexican flags, the Zoé aficionados play a central piece in achieving the eventual high peaks of the concert. Assisted by a sick strobe display and some mesmerizing background graphics, Zoé walked the walk and talked the talk for the infectious sing-along-to-every-song couple of thousand or so on hand.

As the ensemble navigated the big hits from their extensive and Emmy-decorated discography, it was apparent the troupe from Cuernavaca, Mexico was having as much fun as their patrons. Larregui can be seen with a constant smile on face, light on his swaying feet and always willing to point the microphone towards the chanting crowd for the popular choruses.

Lead guitarist, Sergio Acosta, standing to Larregui‘s right would shred his way onto the spotlight from time-to-time. While the remaining members played a more low-key role, it was evident just how central each were to the final product. Simply stated, the entire 7-piece on the dais made this 22-track and 2-hour performance one to remember.

All said and done, Zoe‘s Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia Tour is one to catch. While the band only has a couple more of east coast dates as of tonight, our west coast friends have plenty of dates to catch these master artists and performers. Trust us, this show is worth the coin. Click here for tickets to upcoming shows, keep scrolling to view some shots from their Atlanta show. Cheers!

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