Marc Anthony – Live @ State Farm Arena

The Salsa genre has been a hot topic of debate for Latinos everywhere for decades. Like with sports personalities, we all state our arguments for who the best salsero of all-time is. There are a handful perennials that are always mentioned, like the legendary Héctor Lavoe, Willie Colón, Joe Arroyo, Celia Cruz, Rubén Blades, etc. Somewhere in that discussion you will find ardent fans of New York-born and Puerto Rico descendant, Marc Anthony. He is rightfully discussed; at least in our opinion.

Celebrating the return of live music to stages across the United Sates, Anthony embarked on his titled Pa’lla Voy Tour that spans across roughly 4 months and 23 markets. For his stop by Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, the slender Boricua came equipped with a full band of talented musicians, a set-list more-or-less 2 hours long, and plenty of enjoyable moments.

For decades, the “Y Hubo Alguien” crooner has been glamorized as a savior of the salsa genre amongst younger fanatics; while keeping older salsa fans at arm’s reach. Therein lies Marc Anthony‘s charisma, he is capable of uniting generations to celebrate the once dated musical style.

The Atlanta crowd on hand would bear witness to that magnetic charm. Anthony, outfitted in a city-cool dark suit getup, modern white tee and shades, would rifle through hit after hit after hit from the get-go. Obviously, some dancing was involved — from all on hand, concertgoers, band members and, of course, Anthony.

Demonstrating his proud heritage, Anthony spiritedly carries on stage a Puerto Rican flag as thousands cheer in agreement. Performing anthem “Vivir Mi Vida,” Anthony rests said flag on the mic-stand as the room brims of that Latino joyfulness, happy faces and plenty playing singalong to the track. This seemed to be a repetitive theme for the night. It was apparent that Marc Anthony knew how to make concertgoers forget their normal lives for a moment, an simply indulge in the extravaganza going on in the dais. For a couple of hours we were all enthusiastically trapped in the Marc Anthony experience.

All said and done, the spectacle is an all-you-can-want fun-packed type of night. Plenty of spellbinding strobes and graphics, a dynamic band, bottomless bangers, and an artist that — despite the years in the industry — makes a concert of thousands feel like an intimate gathering. Yes, Marc is that devoted to manifesting his appreciation to fans on hand. Ultimately, if you ask us if the Marc Anthony show one to catch, we will simply say: “Valio La Pena.”

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