binki – Live @ Ameris Bank Amphitheatre

There is much about binki that makes the man intriguing; enough so that Brit rockers, Glass Animals, invited the genre-bending North Carolinian artist to helm opening duties on their Dreamland Tour. Maybe it’s his goofball onstage persona — that ranges from wearing prop hats and alligator tails to cracking one-liners before any given anthem — that eases onlookers into paying undivided attention, maybe it’s his disjointed and carefree dance moves, maybe it’s his music, more likely a healthy combination of it all.

No matter what the reason to appeal to binki is, the guy is catchy and cool to the nth degree. As stated, his demeanor performing toes-the-line between wacky and unique, while his tunes are a mixture of sliced-and-diced variety bits of different genres beautifully merged onto an almost genre-less concoction.

Opening acts are plentiful throughout the industry, but it takes a special kind of talent and some serious self-promotion to find yourself as the evening’s icebreaker to an amphitheater-based concert for Glass Animals on your first ever U.S. tour. Yes, binki accomplished that. The saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm,” well, be that early bird to the concert, and not only will you get a great spot in general admission, but additionally get to witness the binki special. He is highly recommended, plus you can be the cool friend telling your other friends about this up-and-coming artist named binki. For tickets, click here. We hope to see you there.

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