Los Amigos Invisibles – Live @ The Masquerade

A dance party broke out in the downtown area of Atlanta when Venezuelan trio, Los Amigos Invisibles, shepherded in some of their famous festive vibes. Performing before the jam-packed lobby of The Masquerade’s Hell Stage, Julio “Chulius” Briceño and his band-mates brought their signature acid-touched funk jazz brand of sound for hundreds onsite to boogie down to. The shindig was intimate and loud, popular choruses cheered in unison, and plenty of couples took the opportunity to shapeshift the venue pit into a full-on dance floor.

Known throughout Latin America as pioneers of a disco ball infused jam session-like style of sound, Los Amigos Invisibles are Venezuela’s most recognizable musical act. Winners of several Latin Grammys and holders of numerous critically acclaimed albums, these South American sweet-sounding virtuosos are no performance slouches. In simpler terms, Los Amigos Invisibles kick ass, and then serenade you into shaking that previously-kicked ass to their rhythm. Masters of their craft, ya’ dig?

For roughly two hours, the gang of Briceño, José Rafael “Catire” Torres and Juan Manuel Roura shared the undivided attention of those on hand. The pride of countrymen clearly displayed throughout, as several concertgoers held up Venezuelan flags to show love to their native land.

On stage, Los Amigos Invisibles are a playful bunch. Small hilarious anecdotes and plenty of smiles are shared between songs. “Let’s not talk about Covid tonight,” states the front-man. Instead, the threesome seem focused on the fun of it all. At several tries they find themselves teasing a famous cover like J. Blavin‘s “Mi Gente” or Metallica‘s “Enter Sandman” followed by a live-setting equivalent to a halting record scratch before mashing into one of their own memorable bangers like “El Disco Anal,” “La Que Me Gusta,” or the newly released “Eh Eh Oh Oh.”

In all, Los Amigos Invisibles kind of do it all. If you like the sound of maracas and bongos, drums and keyboards, a little guitar shredding, a ton of dancing, lively tunes and livelier crowds, and of course, plenty of booze, then Los Amigos Invisibles may just be the show you did not know you needed to see but definitely want to attend.

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