Magdalena Bay – Live @ The Masquerade

Los Angeles-based electro-pop duo, Magdalena Bay, came, saw and conquered the halls of the sold-out Purgatory stage of Atlanta’s iconic venue, The Masquerade. Required to steer opening duties for George Clanton, the pair efficiently used of their time by charming the audience with both Mica Tenenbaum‘s bubbly personality and soothing vocals, and Matthew Lewin‘s cool-guy swagger and string-shredding techniques. Of course, the tuneful sounds that make up their musical catalogue made a cameo, as well.

Fresh off the release of their debut full length record, Mercurial World, the West Coast twosome seemed eager and delighted to perform singles from their new offering. “It so beautiful to be in Atlanta,” states Tenenbaum into her headset microphone; as hundreds chant their traditional wooo cheers while others capture the moments on their cell phone cameras.

For all of roughly 45 minutes, Magdalena Bay presents a yin and yang type of approach to their performance. As previously stated, Mica Tenenbaum has a softer, more polished facade. Decked in knee-high white leather platform boots and flowy-sleeved pink top, the lady of Magdalena Bay vocalizes and dances by the ton, performs the occasional keyboard jingle and interacts here-and-there with onlookers. The front woman is quite obviously the “face” of Magdalena Bay.

By contrast, Lewin comes across as a rock star in the making. Balancing out Mica‘s more pop-friendly semblance. The shaggy hair and heavy beard pair well to the tie dye shirt and careless approach put forth by Matthew. At times, he seems to contain his energy to better fit the track being performed. It seems rather obvious how the adrenaline seems to take him to an edge and his judgement pulls him right back.

All said and done, Magdalena Bay play a clean set. On this particular night, the limited experience does play a part as their stage appeal is rather limited to the performers, their instruments and a couple of strobe lights, but the potential is very real. The music is appeasing and catchy, and that is what matters most. If the product that is being put out is of quality, then the loftier perks will soon follow. Magdalena Bay has a bright future, destined for bigger venues and crazy exorbitant visual effects. Do yourself a favor, catch them at a venue near you on their upcoming dates or stream their full album below. Cheers!

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