Oliver Tree – Live @ The Tabernacle

A celebration of individualism is what Oliver Tree is all about. Okay, not really, there is also the music thing. Nonetheless, when you enter the realm of O.T., the music seems to take a backseat to the man, to the individual. Once upon a time, Marshall Mathers — you may know him as Eminem — rapped about not giving a fuck, angrily and aggressive. However, when Oliver Tree acts as he does, sings as he does, rap as he does, dances as he does, it is apparent he equally does not give a fuck — in a goofier fun way. It’s admirable to witness a person being completely comfortable in their own skin and comfortable with their wacky antics.

The Tabernacle is packed, it is sold out. Oliver Tree seems to take that with a splash of awe. “Two years ago we were playing in front of 200 children, today with play to a sold-out adult crowd,” quips Tree. Performing seems to be a genuinely satisfying affair to the blonde-mullet sporting Californian. It is apparent in the talking bits and in the actual singing, undeniable when witnessing the dancing and the outfits, clearly evident through the props and the special guests.

The presentation plays out as a celebration of an Oliver Tree fantasy. From the over-the-top attire like fluffy jeans — ala emo Korn fanatics — and windbreaker jackets to track suits and hazard neon vests, from oversized prop guitars to cow statues, and even a cameo from an alien-lizard-mask wearing collaborator by the moniker, Little Ricky ZR3. Bangers from the latest LP, Cowboy Tears, to older tunes off, Ugly Is Beautiful, all there, all performed enthusiastically.

If your question is whether an Oliver Tree is worth the price of admission, the answer is surprisingly yes. The atmosphere is joyous, zany, quirky and unique. Expect resounding singalongs from fans, plenty of crowd-surfing, some pot smoking, bras flung onto the stage, doppelganger band-mates, and Oliver embracing it all, and then throwing all that positive energy right back at you. “Adults always question my gear, make comments on my fluffy jeans, but I am an individual and I have a right to dress however the fuck I want. So, joke’s on you.” Ah yes, Oliver Tree is all about individualism and just doing whatever the hell he wants. Looking for an out-of-the-box experience and show, then take the time to check it out an Oliver Tree concert.

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