Ashe – Live @ Buckhead Theatre

California native and electro-pop starlet extraordinaire, Ashe, rolled through Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre with a showing soon not to be forgotten. Currently showcasing under the Fault Line Tour, the blonde songstress charmingly enchanted the packed house with her undeniable charisma, her wicked fashion sense and a good ol’ dose of talent-laced showmanship.

Decked in yellow and gold, the bare-footed up-and-coming artist made a grand entry under a darker shade of blue and red strobes and an oval arch. The fanatical screams and cheers are deafening, yet induce an adrenaline rush. It is widely apparent that Ashe is bit thrown back by this ovation, her smile shows as broad as it gets, her opening rendition of “Me Without You” is crisp and beautifully delivered. Aficionados were in for a 110% kind-of-performance.

On stage, the vicenarian out of San Jose is bubbly and free-spirited. Gallivanting the deck through little dances and miniature sprints, Ashe came to play, Ashe came to twirl and pirouette, Ashe came to vocalize and tighten her grip on that ever-loving fandom of hers. Safe to say she succeeded.

Although Ashe is relatively new to the musical scene; as she has been a professional since 2017, she seems comfortable within her crowd. In control, so to speak. The “Moral of the Story” crooner is on a crash course with major stardom sooner than later. She seems to expect it, she seems prepared to embrace it. If her string of recent performances are any indication, the name Ashe may become a much bigger force within the circuit. Do yourself a favor, catch her now if you can, the intimate venue showings may soon be a thing of the past. For tickets to the Fault Line Tour, click here.

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