Meet the Artist: BabyJake

My goal is to be the New King of Rock-N-Roll, just one goal, ya’know. I don’t like to ask for much,” notes BabyJake; some 2 hours prior to hitting the stage for the Shaky Knees Festival. “I switched my approach, morphed, I started in Folk and experimented onto other genres to get my name out, but my heart was always in rock. This is it, man. I am going to own the style I want. I will be kinged,” he adds. It is fairly noticeable that the level of confidence that BabyJake possesses is intense, perhaps matched by his fashion sense, only surpassed by his musical talents.

While the former urban-pop star released his last LP ‘The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now’ less than one year ago, his attention seems focused on his upcoming project ‘Bonnie and The Bayonets‘ now. “My last album marked a 180 for me, it forced me to change, to take the leap. It was my first step back into rock, but ‘Bonnie and The Bayonets’ will be where I want to be. Back to classic. Scratch that, ‘Bonnie and The Bayonets’ will be a rejuvenation of classic rock. It will be a concept album of sorts, I am Bonnie, my mates are The Bayonets.” details BabyJake.

Nonetheless, before the new album drops, we had a small matter to attend to: performing at the Shaky Knees Festival. Stage presence seems of an upmost importance, almost as BabyJake is painting a mental picture with each passing song. In the company of a 4-piece ensemble that oomphs every passing anthem, BabyJake carries a clear and pristine tone during performance. Decked in what appears to be a part-cowboy and part-stuntman getup, the man is met by hundreds and hundreds of cheering fans. He struts, he smiles and he sings, BabyJake came to own his live appearance.

Notably, the performance carried a family affair flair. “Growing up my dad was my biggest inspiration and influence. He showed me the path to my musical tastes. He introduced me to it all,” explains the ‘Cigarettes On Patios‘ performer. Fittingly, it was BabyJakes‘ old man that made a cameo at his Shaky Knees set. Performing together in song-and-dance to a Rolling Stones cover — earning the loudest cheers of the night.

All said and done, BabyJake is a formidable and exciting artist to observe in a live setting. The memorable antics and festive gear hooks you in, the music makes you a fan. The upcoming passion project that is ‘Bonnie and The Bayonets’ is sure to further enhance the already rising star that is BabyJake‘s career. Definitely one to look forward to, but in the meantime go take a listen to the man’s material on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you get your streaming from.

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