Young Dolph – Live @ The Tabernacle

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


Is Young Dolph a role model? Difficult to say; nonetheless, to the rapper’s frantic fan-base at The Tabernacle, the answer is a resounding yes. If not, at the very least, the onsite folks are willing to buy whatever Young Dolph is selling. So, here we are in Atlanta — home of the trap scene — at the city’s most famous and renowned venue. A sold-out event is taking place, and Young Dolph’s Role Model Tour is the main attraction on this chilly evening.

dolph (1 of 1)-16
Young Dolph

It was a rough go, at first, as Young Dolph’s trek stop in Atlanta kicked off a couple of hours late; much to the chagrin of several onlookers. Notwithstanding, the excitement tied to Dolph’s presence was still the driving force leading up.

Alas, the twenty-third hundredth hour had arrived; and the dais begins to crowd up with supporters, friends, and photographers — all here to make the Young Dolph experience more appealing. The platform presents a gigantic backdrop screen showcasing the star’s moniker — as colorfully flashy light oomph up the visuals. Additionally, a sizeable sticker branding the words “Role Model” is stretched across the stage floor, and some displeasing and nonsensical military camouflage-like paper cuttings spread traversely along the deck-base and over the speakers. Ultimately, Young Dolph glides into place, the crowd erupts full of love, the party finally begins.

dolph (1 of 1)-7
Young Dolph

Young Dolph is a snazzy and glitzy cat. Adorned with heavy bling hanging from his neck, Dolph’s attire is almost as attention-grabbing as his trap bangers. Decked in a brightly red-colored down designer jacket, striped turtleneck, and red Mega Man-esque fancy boots, Young Dolph looks the rap-star part. Yet, do not be fooled, naturally, the facade is just a compliment to what Dolph has in mind for the ceremonies. Talk the talk and walk the walk — Young Dolph knows what is up.

dolph (1 of 1)-14
Young Dolph

Overall, the showmanship lasted somewhere in the region of ninety minutes. The highlights were definitely not in short supply, as Dolph not only put on an elaborate and gimmicky showing himself, but moreover took the time to bring out friends and colleagues like Key Glock, Project Pat and YFN Lucci to cameo and extract a few more ooohs and aaahs from the rowdy masses. Ultimately, Young Dolph gifted his faithful ear-to-ear smiles; as he musically rummaged through his extensive and distinguished discography. More importantly, Adolph Thornton Jr. left no doubt that the so-called King of Memphis is a legit motherfucking role model.







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