Anderson .Paak – Live @ The Coca-Cola Roxy

Article and Photos by Andrés Alvarado


It is almost criminal that Anderson .Paak is not the most popular musician alive. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and performer is just quite the rarity in the entertainment industry nowadays. A full-fledged force of musical nature, Anderson .Paak brought his Andy’s Beach Club World Tour to Atlanta’s Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre onto a sold-out house of crazed .Paak admirers.

Anderson .Paak

In the company of his mates, The Free Nationals, and in support of his latest LP, Oxnard, the newly minted Grammy-winning virtuoso is ready to kick some ass and take some names — on stage, metaphorically speaking. The buildup to Anderson .Paak’s pageantry could be felt far and wide; chants of “Anderson” and “Yes Lawd” could be heard throughout. The mood was lit, the crowd anxious. Finally, at the strike of nine, Mr. .Paak’s silhouette appears through a thinly veiled curtain that hung in coverage of the stage. Mounted on his drum kit, .Paak makes his first impression on his Atlanta faithful. Oh yes, everyone was in for a sweet night. Oh yes, everyone was in for a spectacular party.

Anderson .Paak

I told you I’d be back. You just didn’t know I’d bring a Grammy with me” — exclaims .Paak to the cheering masses. On the stage, .Paak is a madman brimming of unlimited talent. One moment he will be spitting bars, the next banging away on his hi-hats and tom-toms, followed by some slick dance routines and some soulful crooning. Though The Free Nationals are a first-rate and gifted crew, man, Anderson .Paak is just a freak. He is basically a one man melodious wrecking crew.

Anderson .Paak

Overall, Anderson .Paak’s Andy’s Beach Club World Tour is one cannot miss show. .Paak combines the suaveness of Hugh Hefner with the dance bravado of Michael Jackson to a bottomless pit of sweet-sounding tunefulness and art. Anderson .Paak is the complete package. Oh yes, everyone experienced a sweet night. Oh yes, everyone witnessed a spectacular party.

For more on Anderson .Paak and his future tour dates, please visit his site, get yourself some tickets, and get hyped. You are in for a fantastic time. You can thank us later.

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